iPad Apps List
All Apps are free unless otherwise noted

Remote Desktop:
  • TeamViewer - Microsoft's answer to Go to My PC.  (Requires Client Software to be installed on Desktop/Remote Computer)
  • PocketCloud - By Wyse Technology allows one Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) to be saved. (Requires that RDP be running or PocketCloud Companion installed on Desktop/Remote Computer, Pocketcloud Companion is a free download available @ www.wyse.com)
  • Mocha RDP  Lite - Free Remote Desktop Software (Requires RDP be running for Connectivity)
  • Citrix Receiver - Citrix Remote Desktop Access Client allows for a mobile device to access not only a Remote Desktop but also Applications (Requires Citrix Server Software within the Enterprise Network)
  • CheckPoint Mobile - CheckPoint Mobile VPN Client (Requires a CheckPoint Firewall be installed in the Enterprise)
  • Cisco AnyConnect - Cisco VPN AnyConnect Client (Requires Cisco Firewall  with support for AnyConnect)
Cloud Storage:
  • Dropbox - 2G's of On-Line Storage
  • Box.Net - 2G's of On-Line Storage
Business Apps:
  • Evernote - Sync Notes, Images and forward your email to a centralized repository that is synced to every device running the Evernote client.
  •  FeeddlerRSS - RSS Reader (Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Google Reader and all your Feeds will be delivered to this App.
  • Mobile RSS HD - RSS Reader (Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Google Reader and all your Feeds will be delivered to this App.
  • Skype - Voice Only/iPhone version
  • Google Voice - Access your Google Voice account voice messages and text messages iPhone version
  • USA Today
  • Mashable - Access to thousands of New stories from hundreds of Web Sites.
  • Flipboard - Rated Top 5 Apps form the most innovative App for the iPad. Magazine like access to Twitter, Facebook RSS Feeds and other content.
  • CNN - CNN News
  • AP News
  • ABC News
  • CNBC RT - Real-Time Financial News including Stocks and Company News.
  • Fox Business 
  • Bloomberg - Financial News including Stocks and Company News.
  • Friendly - Facebook App
  • Y! Messenger - Yahoo Messenger IM App
  • Linkedin

  • AccuWeather
  • WeatherStation - Simple Weather Station
  • WeatherBug
  • SuperFiles Lite - Complete File Utility to access local and remote files.
  • MiFi - Access VZW MiFi and read IP Address and Data Usage
  • Find iPhone - Find iPad, Send Message/Turn Locating sound, Remote Lock-Remote Wipe 
  • iPad Info - Basic Information on iPad